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What’s Difference Between Hair Shedding And Hair Loss?

What’s Difference Between Hair Shedding And Hair Loss?

Hair is the crowning glory for both men and women that can assist you in looking more attractive than usual. Hair loss is something that is serious, and hearts wrenching for people to go through. However, have you noticed your hair fall anytime? It is really important for people to be considerate towards whether you are experiencing hair shedding or hair loss to have a proper cure to it.

We are here looking at a guide what’s difference between hair shedding and hair loss and how you can deal with it.

Difference between hair shedding and hair loss!

Lose of hair is disheartening, but you need to understand hair loss cause before the situation becomes serious. An average person normally sheds 50 to 100 hair per day, but the number varies from person to person and scalp health. in case you are losing more hair than usual, you might be experiencing hair shedding.

Let us have a brief look regarding what both hair shedding and hair loss mean.

Hair loss

Hair loss can be understood as something that occurs when any encountered problem in stopping hair from growing that is also known as anagen effluvium. Hair loss can occur due to different causes, but the most reasons include hereditary hair loss, the immune system overreacts, tight hair tying, harsh hair styling products, side effects of drugs or treatments, and some others.

In the condition of hair loss you can treat this one with proper medication and treatments. Nevertheless, you have to be comprehensive of the fact that not everyone gets the benefit of the treatment. An experienced dermatologist can help you in knowing the cause and treatment, along with the possibility of it getting better. It is better to take immediate action when suffering from hair loss as sooner is better to keep control over the cause. Also, hair shedding vs hair loss is the worse to go through.

Hair shedding

hair lossWhen you are shedding more than 50 to 100 strands a day, you might be suffering from hair shedding. The excessive hair fall is understood as telogen effluvium, and it is mainly experienced due to excessive stress and hectic schedules. It can be caused due to conditions like losing more than 20 pounds, going through mental sicknesses such as anxiety and stress, undergone surgery, given birth, and some similar to it.

Hence, having hair shedding versus hair loss is more about going through hectic stress or huge hormonal changes.